Magnetic Resting Bitch Face

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Beautiful lashes that can easily blend in with your natural lashes. Adding the final touch to that Resting Bitch Face.


Step 1. Shake the liquid liner well before use.

Step 2. As with any liner, apply the product over the lash line. Don’t be shy! you don’t need to be an artist for this bit either.

Step 3. Allow the first coat to completely dry, 30 seconds or so.

Step 4. re apply another layer, followed by a 3rd and 4th coat.

*leave all layers to completely dry 100% may take 2-3 minuets*

Step 5. Carefully remove the lashes, trim to size if necessary (this may mean loosing one magnet and the end section of the lash)

Step 6. Where the magic happens!… position the lashes over the liner , watch the lashes stick themselves into place! No more glueing your eyes shut! You. Are. Welcome!

**PRO TIP!**

Use the nifty little brush to really work the product into the base of the eyelashes allowing the magnets to attach themselves to the skin or the hair, which ever feels more naturally comfortable.

Customer Reviews

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Magnetic Resting Bitch Face

Game Changers!

Love everything about these lashes!
Great quality product, lovely packaging and super easy to apply.
They are amazing!

First time effort

Hi, I tried to use the lashes by following the instruction video, however the lashes will not stay attached to the magnetic liner. Not sure what I am doing wrong, I did three layers as advised :(