Why mantra bracelets?

Why mantra bracelets?

I can't deny that I absolutely love these little things! It's a simple concept and as with most things in life simple is effective. Practicing Mindefullness has been a game changer for me! when I see a bracelet get added to a lash order I feel a weird sense of warm bliss that someone else is about to receive a daily reminder of what ever message they need to feel. I leave it at that, so as not to 'hippy you out too much' along with a brief description of what each one means to me personally.

p.s.... if you get one, and you'r feeling brave enough to share its meaning to you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tag and share with us ❤️💫


Totally Lashed Up grew pretty quickly…it was both amazing and overwhelming. I started experiencing  what I’d describe as mild anxiety. I began practicing mindfulness and breathing techniques …I needed a simple, visual reminder (and not another phone app!) to remind me to take a moment to breathe. I take a minute, and just hold my hand over the bracelet. While I’m holding it….I just sit….and breathe, until the anxiety passes and I’m able to clear my racing mind and focus on the most important task. Its stupidly simple….but effective!
Keep fucking going!
This ones to remind me that I’m unstoppable! No matter the situation, your thoughts or feelings….we have to keep fucking going! Eventually …whatever it is will either pass or get done!   Keeps the resilience muscle flexed ….if you can keep that one strong…your onto a winner!
I don’t sweat I sparkle
To remind me that I can handle any pressure, and come out the other side sparkling! I am pure magic…in every sense!
You got this
This one I tend to gift to the most important people in my life, a great pick me up and personal reminder that your stronger than you realise, and that we’re all walking our own journeys, what ever it may be its good to know…you got this!
Inspired by my cousin. She’s an absolute legend! larger than life character, supportive, beautiful…and pure comedy gold! We’ve all got legends in our lives, let them know it!
Don’t be a dick
A gentle reminder….that we’re all unique individuals with different thoughts and feelings. We may not agree….but we shouldn’t be a dick about it. Be humble, kind and gracious …. I tell myself this one often!
Hakuna Matata
Played at my best friends wedding….no worries for the rest of your days! Beautiful, happy, blissful memories, cherish them!

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