Where will my bra go?

Where will my bra go?

LADIES!! A mega mega mega lashed up THANK YOU!!! For getting involved and supporting this cause!!


I thought I’d put into context how this mission came about….and basically explain, why and where all of your are going.


I met two lovey ladies who work for the charity, they briefly explained what the charity was about. They mentioned how important just having a bra is for women in this particular area of Uganda, potently keeping them safe from rape attacks!


My jaw nearly hit the floor! Especially knowing I’ve easily got 10 unused bras in my drawers. And that was it really…..mission ‘give us your bras’ had to happen!


I looked at the charities website to start spreading the news but there was nothing specific there, so I got back in touch with one of the ladies to give us a bit more bra related info to share with YOU WONDERFUL WOMEN!


Since sharing our poster on Monday 21st jan we’ve reached over 12k people!!!

Every day we get more and more messages asking where and how to donate and wanting to know more about the cause!


So….this is why…WE NEED YOUR BRAS….


Care for Uganda

The charity has been working in Uganda for nearly 20 years. The role of women in Uganda is pivotal in ensuring that their children go to school and that they are accessing health care.

Care for Uganda supports children and families in Luweero, an area devastated by the civil war. Women bear the brunt of subsistence farming, and are often bringing up their grandchildren. In many cases the children’s parents are not able to find work locally, and some children are wholly dependent on their grandparents since their parents have died due to AIDs.

The bra project came about from interviewing women locally about sexual abuse and safety. Their perceptions were that wearing bras kept them safer in their community. They felt that men would see bra wearing as a mark of higher income and power which would keep them safe. The charity gives out donated bras (smaller cup sizes for schools) in the community as well as to schools. It is humbling to see the value that these women place on getting a bra, and their response to being valued and respected in this way.

Bras and new knickers are also given out in the area when Care for Uganda workers visit schools locally. The workers provide training in sexual awareness and healthy behaviours and then give out the donated bras to the pupils . The girls are also provided with Afripads, as they will miss school without sanitary protection. This work is vital in ensuring that the girls receive an education  - and a way out of  poverty.

Ladies please keep sharing and donating! Lets be the solution and look after one another because women are amazing!


Closing date for donations JANUARY 30TH



Collection points : Rhydycar leisure centre  MERTHYR TYDFIL

                              Aberfan leisure center  MERTHYR TYDFIL

                              The rose retreat METHYR TYDFIL

                              NV design FOCHRIW

                              LC 2 leisure center SWANSEA

                              Francis floral design YSTRAGYNLAIS

                               Sun shack BLACKWOOD



**if any other local businesses want to volunteer as collection points please be in touch, the more the merrier!**

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