Virgin Start Up

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Virgin Start Up

My thinking was......who can we learn from to help us succeed in building this business? ....the answer was obvious, the best in branding.....VIRGIN

I took my cousin Bethan with me since she's the brains behind my social media. We traveled to one of their London offices (such a supper cool place!) to experience their start up branding master class and it was well worth the trip. 

The main principles discussed were drawing upon the work of Simon Sinek and his philosophy of starting with why? why do we do what we do? some pretty deep stuff when you start getting into it! though I've previously shared My reasons why for Totally Lashed Up it helped me to stay focused with how we market the brand. 

We met some other fantastic newbies in the start up community and it was reassuring to hear we all face similar challenges in getting the brand off its feet.

As we left the office, and saying our goodbyes ....Bethan miss judged a big step and fell flat on her face! ahhhh fair play, it was spectacular!  



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