Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

10years ago I graduated with a degree in criminology.


Let me explain the decision making process behind choosing that particular subject ….


Teacher: ‘You need to pick which university you want to go to and what subject you’re interested in ….pick a box by the end of the day’


Me: ‘I think I should do something with art, its my favourite subject


Teacher: “pick an academic subject, you’ll get a better job when you’re older”


I spent about 10 minutes looking at the list and decided ….. there will always be crime… so there will always be jobs dealing with crime. And that was that. (Soooo wish I’d picked Art! Stupid teacher!) anyway…


It took me 4 years to graduate, and it was bloody hard too!


2 main events stick with me from my time as a Criminology student.


A module called ‘Gender in the criminal justice system’ for which I had to submit an essay titled “Bikes or Dykes” uhhhhh I can barely waste my energy to even write about it… but It ruled out the police service for me put it that way.


The main event…. One I will never forget! The day Satish Sekar gave a talk on his experience of miscarriage of justice. This guy stood in-front of me had been wrongly  imprisoned for murder for 30 years! I won’t go into the details you can buy his book, it’s incredible!! (The Cardiff Five Innocent Beyond Any Doubt) What that man endured was absolutely horrific! His story was pure agony. The beginning of his nightmare is incomprehensible. I forget if he was at home or at a friends house, irrelevant but still….. Police burst through the door, arrest him for murder and throw him in a van. Cuff him to a radiator for a ridiculous time, over 24 hours and begin telling him he’s going to prison for murder. All this based on he fitted the description of an asian man. The man is incredible, he went through hell and back. His stories of life in prison…lets just say that hour changed my entire perspective on the criminal justice system….and seriously had me realising I should have been in an art class somewhere!


fast forward 10 years, amidst a global pandemic…… a time of unbelievable stress and uncertainty. And a brutal miscarriage of justice gets filmed for the world to see (of course the only justice is that it actually got filmed and expossed). My stomach aches for humanity. My eyes cry and my heart hurts. My first thoughts are with his family and the unbearable suffering they are going through. My second thoughts are rage and anger for that fucking bastard and what I’d have done if he had my husband/brother/father’s head under his knee, taking their last breath!! The ramifications of his actions are global….and the truth of the matter, we don’t even know the half of it so many other innocent lives taken because of racism. It’s got to stop!


It’s such a shit subject …..and that’s the thing, it shouldnt be a subject/issue/point of discussion. Can’t we all just have heart beats, brains and emotions? live and let live? Simple principles! not much to ask?


Maybe Doug and Bob will find better neighbours in space!


Google ‘can I go live on the moon…. Please?’ 





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