570 Bra's later!

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570 Bra's later!

Well good god alive! Where do I start!


I’m a big believer in the universe putting you in the right place at the right time! (Except for when shit things happen….then the universe can piss off!)


Back in November I was lucky enough to be awarded, one on the ‘top 100 business women’ in Wales award hosted by I Am Woman and Pinkspiration. It was a fantastic event, with so much talent in the room! The key note speaker was amazing! Her business is phenomenal, she was hysterical! She shared some top tips with us, the one she emphasised was kindness. That absolutely stuck with me. She has a multi million pound business, you might expect determination, resilience , confidence to be her key values…but kindness was her core message. I loved that! Anyways, that evening after the ceremony, a representative from the charity called Care for Uganda asked if anyone could donate unwanted bras, she would gladly receive them for her charity. With the excitement in the room I didn’t get much more info than that so I made a ‘mental’ note, chase up with Jayne later.


With a blink of an eye its January! New Years resolution ….. tidy house tidy mind! My cousin introduces me to the latest ‘clean your house like an obsessed maniac’ trend, Marie Kondo on Netflix (you’ve got to see it to believe it!) while on the de-clutter mission, my brain remembers the mental note. I made contact with Jayne, asked her how to donate and what the cause was about. When she told me….I had to get more bras. If wearing a bra reduces the chance of rape…..I’ll get you loads of bras Jayne! I expected to get maybe a hundred.


We stuck a poster on facebook and had 10 days to collect. I was not logistically prepared for the response! 


Within 24 hours we realised we needed to spread out collection points. Our local community centres were marvellous (Aberfan and Rhydycar Merthyr Tydfil) and more than happy to support. The word spread to Swansea, we called the LC 2, they were happy to support. Soooo many small businesses offered to help, they too became collection points and collected from their customers.


If we’d had more time I think we could have had a collection in every county in South West Wales!


Yesterday was collection day! my brilliant friends helped with the collections and sorting process. My living room was invaded, the cat thought it was great! My husband did not! Chaos!


The final bra count was 570!!!


Now how's that for Kindness! Women amaze me! The efforts we’ll go through to help and make a difference is something to be so proud of. A HUGE THANK YOU FOR EACH AND EVERY DONATION!!


Totally lashed up was launched in November with the aim of having a global impact on women. Thanks to every donation we’ve achieved this in less than 4 months! See how the universe works!!   


With its success in 10 days we have to make this an annual effort! So if you didn’t manage to donate this year, not to worry, we’ll be nagging again next year! 


The bras will be making their journey to Uganda on the 4th of February, where they will be most gratefully received.

Very special thank you to the following small businesses who went out of their way to get involved.


Church Street Dental Practice (Merthyr Tydfil)

The Rose Retreat (Merthyr Tydfil)

Braid & Blush by Jess Mac (Brecon)

Francis Floral Designs (Ystragynlais)

NV Hair Design (Fochriw)

Sunshack (Blackwood)

Inch By Inch (Cardiff)

The Lazy Girls (Treharris) ….may as well be a small business! 


And to my brilliant friends who drove around collecting and sorting though sizing and ‘quality control’ lol!! Melissa, Drisc, Naomi I owe you all some lashes and a Chinese! Xxxxxx


I wonder what February has to offer!


Much love,

The Pulmanator aka Jessicca Pulman Jones xxx


**Feel the need to share this as a side note....just rang my mother to tell her the great news that we've collected 570 bras.... her response 'I've collected a bag of socks for you!'

#standard :) 


  • Rhi Bates

    This was amazing!! Are you planning on doing another? Xx

  • Emma Bell

    Love love love this!!!! Sorry I didn’t donate this year but I’m all in for next year!!! You are a force of nature beautiful girl!!!! Please send your mam to my house – I need her to collect some socks here!!!!! (Where the hellthey all go I don’t know!!!!) xx

  • Bethan McLean

    Amazing story, amazing woman! X

  • Lynne

    How great! I’m a great believer in “putting it out to the universe” an all that! I can defo help with collecting next year as I may have at least 30 unused sitting in my own drawer!

  • Melissa Davies

    Any time Pullman!!
    Didn’t expect to be collecting 2 huge boxes full!!
    Well done Swansea!!

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