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Its been a whole year since the very first planning of Totally Lashed Up started! This time last year we were in product idea/ testing phase. It was all very exciting!! By November 2018 the site went live and our much loved lashes began to slowly sell!  I cant really explain all the emotions....but what I can say is that this 'side hustle' has taken me to what I imagine the edge of bipolar must feel like! One minute its just too amazing to be true, the highs are adrenaline filled and my brain bounces about uncontrollably. The next minute...

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Gabriella Jukes, Miss Wales, Miss Wales Judge -

Last night It was was my honour to be on the judging panel of Miss Wales, a much harder task that I'd anticipated!  This has definitely been the most glamorous event on my Totally Lashed Up journey so far!   The event itself was a huge eye opener! It's obvious from back stage the girls have a real bond between them, all helping one another to get ready and all feeling the mixed emotions of nerves and excitement. Overall the girls will have experienced a year of exploring self development, making significant contributions to their beauty with a purpose charity that...

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Dyma ein stori wedi filmio gan Heno! diolch o galon am y cyfle i sarad ac ranu ein profiad dy'nin gwerthfawrogi eich cefnogaeth. 


Here's our story filmed by Heno S4C,we really appreciate your support in helping us talk about and share our experience.

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Born To Be Iconic, Events, Inspired, London, MINI Park Lane -

WWWAAAAAWWWW what a fantastic event!  A huge thank you! for the invite to attend and display our brand and products at this event! I worked with MINI some years back on a halloween makeup event, I'm so honoured that they invited me back to support the launch of Totally Lashed Up!  The evening was so inspiring! the guest speakers were fantastic, listening to their stories, struggles and triumphs had me feeling like....ok...I've got this! we all need some reassurance from time to time, and from their stories I felt I could really relate! the main take away was....failing fast! if...

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My thinking was......who can we learn from to help us succeed in building this business? ....the answer was obvious, the best in branding.....VIRGIN I took my cousin Bethan with me since she's the brains behind my social media. We traveled to one of their London offices (such a supper cool place!) to experience their start up branding master class and it was well worth the trip.  The main principles discussed were drawing upon the work of Simon Sinek and his philosophy of starting with why? why do we do what we do? some pretty deep stuff when you start getting...

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