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The best bits….whats makes our lashes so totally fabulous?

We stock the largest collection of MAGNETIC LIQUID LINER LASHES!!

Yes that’s right!! We’ve got a selection of 10 beautiful styles ranging from short subtle first time wearers to big, bold beautiful fluffiness!

Life just got a whole lot easier with our glue free magnetic eyeliner solution…. Yes you read that right! No need for glue!!!! Let’s just take a moment to appreciate no more glueing your eyes shut!!!

Apply a few layers of magnetic liquid eyeliner and lave to dry, trim the lashes to size and watch them attach themselves to the liner! Easy peasy!! (take a look at our vide above for all the tips and tricks on how to use our beautiful magnetic liner collection) 

- Each lash is made individually by hand! Now that’s some serious skills!

- Hand made production insures the integrity of the lash band making them amazing quality and a mega 30 times re usable! (and that’s being modest, if taken care of and stored properly we had longer wear during testing)

- Our lashes are made from 100% synthetic silk……no ‘cruelty free mink’ for us!!

- The synthetic silk materials lightweight, soft and fluffy! And who doesn’t love a fluffy lash!

- The box is perfectly designed to keep your lashes safe during storage in between use.

Of course we still stock a selection of classic strip lashes that require glueing, find these in the 'Glue On' page

Founder of Totally Lashed Up