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Our Story

So I’ve done it all…months of research, testing, sampling , designing, creating, planning, organising, building, networking, marketing, financing…..the website is live, the lashes are selling (amen!) but THIS is the hardest page to write!

I’m thinking I’m just going to blurt it all out, type it out really quickly and press the ‘publish’ button….like ripping off a plaster, we’re about to get personal!

I am such a LUCKY makeup artist! I’ve been in the business for 5 years now, I’ve won multiple awards and have had the pleasure of working with absolutely amazing women! The business has grown from bridal, TV and media referrals. Business is great, the diary is busy….career wise, life’s on track!

In Mid 2017 my darling mother was diagnosed with dementia…. After the initial shock/panic my typical virgo behaviours take over… life gives you lemons, crack on with the lemonade!

Tough decisions have to be made, but you do what you have too to keep it all going. Daily needs and long term planning meant that we had to place her in care. The transitional period was tough, but weirdly theres nothing like a dementia diagnosis to re-evaluate your perspective on ‘time’.

Suddenly I’m hugely aware of how precious time is. Massive cliché, YES I realise that. But still … that’s when it really hit me. Don’t take every day for granted, make the most of the time you have! Time with my mother naturally became my priority, so I organised my work/week around her. Thankfully I’ve been able to have her home for a few days every week. And life does what it does, it goes by ever so quickly! Thinking about the future scares me, so I try not too, and stay focused on the here and now.

Anyway back to that lemonade and busy virgo head….

I quickly realised that I could maximise my time in other areas too, I’ve always wanted to retail lashes, but talked my cautious little mind out of it, time and time again. But with new perspectives and the bitch of a life lesson…dementias taught me…life's a risk, and you wont get out alive anyway!! So, get on with it, sell the dam lashes! If you don’t try you’ll never know…..and here we are!


So! In all the planning that’s gone into this new business, I’ve been doing A LOT of reflecting! (did I mention I’m a virgo?) the mother/ daughter, friends/family  relationships, love, bonds, responsibilities, commitments and impacts we as women all have with one another. Yep….lots of profound contemplations have been pondered. My career would not be where it is without EACH AND EVERY woman whose booked or referred my services. The mission for this business is to have an impact on the lives of other women, to give the good times back and help to make a difference, one lash at a time! From every sale a £1 donation will sit in a fund that will donate to two females charities once a year, one here in Wales and one further afield.  Of course being a child of the Spice Girls era…naming the fund was simple…Girl Power!


The best bits….whats makes our lashes so totally fabulous?

- Each lash is made individually by hand! Now that’s some serious skills!

- Hand made production insures the integrity of the lash band making them amazing quality and a mega 15-20 times re usable! (and that’s being modest, if taken care of and stored properly we had longer wear during testing)

- 15 or more wears makes our pricing supper affordable.

- Our lashes are made from 100% synthetic silk……no ‘cruelty free mink’ for us!!

- The synthetic silk materials lightweight, soft and fluffy! And who doesn’t love a fluffy lash!

- The box is perfectly designed to keep your lashes safe during storage in between use.

And there we have it, the plaster’s off, it was very  personal, my "in's and out's" are exposed!  …..3,2,1 ‘PUBLISH’