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What makes our lashes so totally fabulous?

Magnetic liner lashes!! Finally - Fuss free fabulous falsies! 

That feeling of going from ‘plain jayne’ to Beyonce! Without the glue drama! We’ve all been there, glueing our eyes shut!

Too busy to attend appointments? for sure! We hear you!!

Lash damage…even the BEST lash techs will advise an occasional break from infills, we’ve got your lash break covered, we hate that ‘naked’ feeling too!!

6 beautiful styles to chose from - 30 times reusable

Individually hand crafted with 100% premium synthetic silk for extra comfort and pure quality.

Of course we still stock a selection of classic strip lashes that require glueing, find these in the 'Glue On' page

Founder of Totally Lashed Up

As a makeup artist one of the most common statements I hear about false lashes is…
'I'd love to wear them, but I just cant stand the glue! It's too difficult, I end up glueing my eye shut, it hurts!' or
'I used to get mine done at the salon, but I haven't got the time for appointments and to be honest my natural lashes could do with the break'

Magnetic liquid liner, problem solved! Easy to apply, not painful, no need for an appointment, 10 style choices for every occasion and preference. Ladies you're welcome! 

"Life's too short for shit lashes!"